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Tired of searching for parking, waiting at a pay station or running back to your car in the rain or cold? PassagePass is the convenient way to find and pay for parking. With PassagePass, save time and money and skip the pay station!

With LPR Express lots, just drive in and out! Billing is automatic based on license plate recognition. It is as simple as parking in your driveway.

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Customer Portal & Apps

Get Electronic Receipts

Don’t worry about keeping your paper receipts. Receive an electronic receipt as soon as your parking session begins. Track and monitor your parking payments from your phone!

Reminders & Alerts

PassagePass will send you a reminder via text or email 5 minutes before your parking is about to expire. You have the option to extend your parking session straight from your phone!

Extend Parking From Anywhere

One simple click and your parking session can be extended! Don’t worry about overpaying at the meter or running back to add more to the pay station! Simply open your app or send a text message and your parking will be extended! Hassle free!

Looking for a Place to Park?

PassagePass Platform

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Manage. Monitor. Relax!

The PassagePass platform increases convenience to parkers AND makes parking management easier! PassagePass works in any parking environment including: parking garages, surface lots, non-gated and gated lots!

Real-Time Reporting

PassagePass allows customers to control and report on different locations through various custom reporting options including revenue, transaction and settlement reports. These reports are all created in real- time and can be customized by date, location, merchant ID(s) etc.

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Location Management

Our mobile parking platform offers the ability for our partners to add new and adjust existing locations at any time and in real-time. Locations types range from parking garages, surface lots, gated or non gated facilities.

Rate Control

Now have the ability to adjust parking rates in real- time. This cloud-based feature is easy to use and maximizes revenue. Adjust multiple rates immediately and with the touch of a button!

On-Demand adjustable rates through our rate engine allows you to quickly alter your lot prices when you need to. Maximizing your revenue by our on-demand rate engine technology.

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Parking Providers