Join LocoMobi’s World and enjoy the frictionless peace of mind of PassagePass powered by LPR Express!

Find out how your can promote your parking lot and save your clients time and money with PassagePass today. Simple rate structure, works even with gates. Full reporting, change your rates on the fly, and more.

LPR Express allows customers to opt-in to LPR Express on the PassagePay app. When a customer drives to a LPR Express powered parking lot, the gate scans their license plate and allows them access – no tickets, fobs, or QR codes required. The touchless system is completely frictionless with no need to fumble around with the app during the customer’s parking experience. Upon exit, the LPR Express system reads the vehicle’s license plate and the customer drives out with no interaction required. Customers will be notified of the session ending via SMS and the amount they were billed.

The system is perfect for parking facility owners and managers as it can serve both monthly users and infrequent transient users. The system provides a comprehensive audit trail to track usage and payment. With video evidence and date and time authentication, owners and managers are able to resolve potential disputes.

LocoMobi World offers flexible pricing and payment options and versatile applications for all gated and ungated garages and lots with just two simple steps to upgrade any parking facility:

Upgrade any existing infrastructure with LPR Express - the most reliable and highest LPR read rate.

Add existing customers/transients into LocoMobi World’s cloud portal which is accessible anywhere anytime.

Enrollment is quick and simple for users. All they have to do is opt-in to PassagePass on the PassagePass app, enroll, and then drive to any LPR Express lot/garage. All transactions are secure and users pay by use with no deposit or virtual wallet required. The system eliminates user errors as there is no need to enter a lot number, vehicle plate, or duration each time they enter a lot. It also eliminates the stress of the need to extend parking time.

Parking facility managers and owners, as well as their customers, benefit from this seamless and contactless integrated system. It’s truly a win-win!